Once you have created your YLOODrive profile, you can view alternative times easily in your driving instructors' calendar. If you have already confirmed a booking and life has got busy and want to cancel your driving lesson with your preferred driving school instructor, follow these quick simple steps: ,

Step 1: Log in to your YLOODrive profile (https://app.yloodrve.com)

Step 2: Click on your dashboard

Step 3: Click on your "bookings" tab

Step 4: Find the driving lessons you want to cancel and click on the cancel button. Choose from the drop-down list and click submit

Helpful tips: 

  • Each driving school on YLOODrive has its own terms of service and different cancellation policies. These policies are usually available for you to read at the time of making the booking. Please contact your driving school directly with any queries you have.
  • Most driving schools will not allow you to cancel driving lessons with less than 24 hours' notice via your student online profile. Please contact your driving instructor directly if this is the scenario.
  • If you do cancel a driving lesson yourself, you will be credited automatically and can use your credit with the same driving school anytime you choose subject to their terms of service 
  • If you want a refund, these are paid by your driving instructor to you.